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buy facebook likes uk

When you buy Facebook likes UK, you are practically assuring the sustained growth of your business in Britain. This fact becomes quite clear when you take a look at the growth of Facebook in this world. According to online surveys and derived statistics, more than 60% of the social media users here are Facebook users. A study conducted across various age groups revealed certain interesting facts about the growth recently. The users belonged to 8 different age groups starting from ages below 11, extending to 65 and above. The study that was conducted in 2015 showed 32.2 million active Facebook users, which is projected to exceed 33 million by 2016.

The percentage of social media users here who have Facebook accounts has averaged 86.8% among the age group of 12-24. For the age group between 25 and 44, the average percentage stands at 75.5%. For the age group between 45 and 64, the average stands at 61.5%. For the age group above 65, the average is around 36.95%. It has also been estimated that the user who frequently clicks the LIKE buttons has approximately 200 online friends on average in Facebook alone.


What do these statistics imply? It could mean that friendly connectivity between these types of users is quite high. If you were to multiply the number of users in each age group with the number of their friends, the total figure would go beyond the billion marks very easily. That means if 10 users start following a particular page / article / product follow up at once, there is a probability of gaining at least 100-200 additional followers. Here, we have kept the probability at the lowest levels for demonstration purposes only. Even this sort of figure could become quite phenomenal for your marketing purposes.

Marketing probabilities

The Facebook users as you aware are consistent communicators. That means their Facebook login session is active for more than 99% of their login time. They keep themselves busy not only with chatting and reading, they also exchange any interesting news and information about latest products / brands / services in real time. If your company / product / services profile is found to be interesting by even 10% of users among these various age groups, the probability of your marketing campaign being successful could grow by great margins within a period of months.

How do you make your Fanpage reach more people?

There are many ways to achieve this goal. However, all the ways have one fundamental principle: make it interesting and appealing to the users’ subconscious minds. Then they will voluntarily follow your company / product / services profile.

Direct benefits when you buy likes on Facebook

  • Constantly increasing attraction: The user is genuinely interested in your field of business. It may not necessarily mean that s/he will subscribe to your services directly or buy your advertised products. However, the probability is always there.
  • Connected users: As you have seen earlier, an average of 200 friends for each user means that the information about your product brands / services will reach at least 100 connected users from one source, which is quite important for your business.
  • Increased options for email marketing campaigns: The control panel connected to the likes is always capable of extracting the generic contact details like the email ID of the user who likes your page, as well as those of his friends. Your service provider will be able to provide you all the required details, once you choose to buy real Facebook likes. By using these details you will be able to send marketing emails to those users in real time.
  • Connectivity: The users have become the followers of your page by getting connected to it. That means your products / services are always in their news feed.
  • Marketing Probability: The probability of increased traffic into your site will increase with time. To achieve that your posted pages need to be comprehensively information oriented. Keep your content interesting and context sensitive from the readers’ point. For example, assume that you are planning to sell refrigerators. You could perhaps begin the series of your articles with “How to preserve food and beverages during all seasons at home”.
  • Options for lifestyle matching: Remember the last time you ignored a marketing mail and sent it to the trash bin? You probably did it because you did not want it / need it / like it. If you wish to prevent such an accident from happening with your quality advertisement / marketing, you need to attract the users towards your page / content / site. When you are buying Facebook likes, your service provider will manage this task.
  • Your potential customers are now able to match your campaign with the users’ everyday lifestyle. Hence, they are naturally attracted towards your campaign.
  • As they start getting increasingly exposed to your campaigns, they naturally start getting conditioned and comfortable with it. At this stage, the job is more than half done for you.

Indirect Benefits

  • Though the users who click on Like to your published article may not buy any of your products / services at all, s/he is likely to refer them to friends at some point of time in the future. This is in effect spreading the awareness of your brand indirectly.
  • The task of Facebook Fanpage is to let the people know that your products / services are here for them. Once they like your content, it also pushes your SEO ranking in the long run. Your site links could naturally get passed on to great numbers of Facebook users. This also means an increase in potential marketing leads.

Once marketing leads start getting converted into potential businesses, it does not mean that you can relax and stop. On the contrary, it means you have to become more active now. Start exploring the possibilities of increasing the quality of your campaigns. There are many other Facebook marketing packages offered by your online service provider. You can get them connected with Facebook “Likes” campaigns and generate more traffic to your website through these channels also.

Cost Benefits

Every $ you spend on Facebook “Likes” is at least 40-50% more economically beneficial than how much the traditional campaign can bring you in the long run in the UK market.

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